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Cut emissions. Boost efficiency.

Print products like newspapers, magazines or books provide an important quantum of life quality for many people.

All the more so, if environmental and climate protection is also taken into consideration in producing them.

This is a challenge the whole printing industry faces.

What you stand to get out of it

Eco-friendly printing is a cinch with CLIMATE Xtra BLANKETS. What’s more, they effortlessly give your customers what they want and need in the way of environmentally sound, sustainable products.

At the same time you up your efficiency. That’s because CLIMATE Xtra BLANKETS have optimized paper feed characteristics.

And they reduce your energy requirement during production – without any added cost.

You easily and cost-effectively top the sustainability trend in the printing industry.

Here’s how it works

Simply rely on a printing blanket that’s 100% climateneutral. Our new calendering technology cuts the energy needed to produce CLIMATE Xtra BLANKETS. And CO2 emissions are reduced as well – by 35%.

We neutralize the remaining 65% of the CO2 emissions by acquiring reduction certificates from natureOffice, a climate protection agency. In this way we support a reforestation project in Panama. This benefits not only the environment but also the local population in a structurally weak region.

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So you can be sure

As first manufacturer to do so, we have had a carbon footprint evaluation drawn up for our printing blankets. The upshot of this is that you can now claim, in good conscience, to provide customers climatefriendly printing.

The materials and energy going into the entire manufacturing process are all recorded and converted into a CO2 equivalent.

The Department of Environmental Engineering at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences – one of the most respected schools of higher education when it comes to practice-oriented learning – monitored scientific aspects of the project and certified the CO2 footprint.

Certificates from natureOffice, a climate-protection agency, guarantee that those CO2 emissions that could not be avoided are actually offset by reforestation projects.

The Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany’s most respected schools of higher education when it comes to practice-oriented learning. This applies especially to the area of technical environmental protection.

For certification of its climate-neutral production process, ContiTech brought in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Applied Computer Science.

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