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High-tech from the green heart of Germany

Made in Germany

Is a production location important for the quality of a company‘s products? In our opinion it is, because the beauty of the landscape and the pristine natural conditions to be found in Waltershausen – on the edge of the Thuringian Forest – inspire us to create sustainable solutions. Nature reminds us to treat the environment responsibly.

In addition, our commitment to our Waltershausen production facilities also sets a clear signal in favour of quality “made in Germany”.

As a result our location has a considerable influence on the way we see ourselves, and on the quality of our products – quality our customers can rely on.

A good neighbour – worldwide

Throughout the world our customers can rely on quality made in Germany. In addition we operate service and sales offices as well as our own packaging operations worldwide and close to our customers, from China, Japan and Singapore via Russia and Europe right across to the USA.

Our global sales operations are managed from one of the most exciting locations in northern Germany, the booming high-tech quarter of Harburg‘s old inland port.

The Thuringian Forest – the green heart of Germany

Final inspection of printing blankets – PHOENIX Xtra BLANKETS guarantees highest quality

Our distribution office amid the booming area of Hamburg Harburg's inland port