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For Drupa, which unfortunately does not take place this year, we also have the well-known PHOENIX Blueprint Article 357 revised and this item has been further optimized in terms of quality and performance. In order to make this improvement visible in the name, we are hereby presenting this to you further developed PHOENIX Blueprint+ Article 367.

The proven hybrid-capable PHOENIX Blueprint cover plate with its very high resistance to swelling in connection with a new 3-layer substructure, the newly developed PHOENIX SCT carcass (Phoenix Comp Technology), which ensures high stability and a long service life on all printing machines new standards in performance and quality.
In the traditional areas of application of the blueprint, sheet-fed offset, packaging and also in sheet metal printing, the PHOENIX Blueprint+ now ensures better print quality through smooth printing of raster and screen areas.

With the development of the PHOENIX Blueprint+ it has also become possible to significantly reduce the use of solvents in production, which means that we have made good progress in our efforts on the subject of environmental protection and sustainability in products and production.

In order to make the changeover to the new product as smooth as possible for you, you can order the old version of the PHOENIX Blueprint Item 357 in parallel to the new PHOENIX Blueprint+ Item 367 until August 31, 2021 as usual.

Cross-section of Blueprint+ Art. 367

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