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Reintroduction of Solaris with improved performance in the UV area

Our new PHOENIX Solaris Art. 347 benefits from the new PHOENIX SCT substructure and achieves even better printing results.

The new PHOENIX Solaris was designed for large-format UV packaging printing. With the newly developed PHOENIX SCT carcass, we achieve very good results in raster and full-surface printing thanks to the optimally coordinated compressible layers. With this particularly durable substructure with optimal expansion properties, combined with the high-strength, resistant cover plate, it can also be used in sheet metal printing without any problems and a long service life in the printing machine can be achieved.

By modifying the carcass, we have succeeded in further minimizing the use of solvents in printing blanket production. This brings us a big step closer to our goal of sustainable production.

In order to make the changeover to the new product as smooth as possible for you, you can order the old version of the PHOENIX-Solaris Art.349 parallel to the new PHOENIX-Solaris SCT Article 347 expected until August 31st, 2021 as usual.

Cross-section of Solaris SCT Art. 347

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