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Tanzanite becomes Tanzanite SCT

That in many years, in packaging and metal printing, the proven PHOENIX Tanzanite printing blanket item 383 is to be replaced by a successor in the course of 2021.

In order to underline the qualitative continuity, we have decided to keep the familiar name and the robust cover plate. With the addition of SCT, we would like to refer to the new carcass technology.

With the PHOENIX SCT carcass, our development department, in cooperation with our customers, has succeeded in creating a pioneering and convincing design that combines the good properties of the PHOENIX Tanzanite, which our customers in packaging printing and tin printing have valued and asked for, are carefully improved with regard to a longer shelf life with very good printing results, especially with regard to solid and raster areas. Like its predecessor, the new, robust carcass technology has very little elongation and high tear strength and is therefore ideally suited for large-format packaging printing as well as for sheet metal printing.

Furthermore, with this new technology we can significantly reduce the use of solvents in the production of printing blankets and thus make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

In order to make the changeover to the new PHOENIX Tanzanite SCT Article 384 as smooth as possible for you, you can, in parallel to the new product, Order the old version PHOENIX Tanzanite Item 383 until August 31, 2021 as usual.

Cross-section of Tanzanite SCT Art. 384

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