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Our consistent further development for large-format packaging printer in the UV segment

  • The SCT-carcass ensures optimum feeding properties and shows outstanding low elongation values
  • High durability and very good printing results leads to a better performance on the shop floor


Colour Solaris violet
Identification PHOENIX marking with article and batch number
Article number Art. 347

Technical data

Thickness (Tol. ± 0.0008“) Art. 347: 1.96 mm
Elongation at 500 N/50 mm ≤ 1,6 %
Compressibility at 1,350 kPa approx. 12 %
Tensile strength ≥ 4,000 N / 50 mm
Thickness reduction due to tensioning and setting ≤ 2 %
Hardness total approx. 78 Shore A
Surface rubber approx. 60 Shore A
Roughness RZ 5.5 μm (fineground)
Roughness RA 0.8 μm