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Nova Spot news

Further improvement of Nova Spot printing properties

For DRUPA 2021, in addition to many other innovations, we also carefully developed our products in the coating sector. Due to the many years of experience with Phoenix Nova Spot and the feedback from our customers, it was possible to further reduce the tendency for ink build-up on these products. We succeeded in doing this by making further adjustments to the composition of the surface. In order to make this change visible to you, we have also decided to change the colour of the Phoenix Nova Spot.

Phoenix Nova Spot with a foil as reinforcement is now available in thicknesses of 1.15mm, 1.35mm and also 1.95mm again. In response to many requests from our customers, we have included this version with an increased stencil depth of 1.6mm in our delivery program.

There is also a 1.95mm coating blanket, under the new name Phoenix DynaCoat Green, also the variant with the foil as reinforcement, combined with a fabric layer. This has the advantage of ensuring a more precise varnish transfer due to the lower stencil depth and when changing from the coating blanket to a coating plate, no adaptation of the underpacking s required.

Until the 31st of March 2021 you can order the Phoenix NovaSpot in the common version of colour and shape, after that date, only the enhanced variant will be available.

Novaspot 1.15mm Art. 330

NovaSpot 1.35mm Art. 331

NovaSpot 1.95mm Art. 332

DynaCoat Green 1.95 mm Art. 341

Cross-section of Nova Spot

Cross-section of DynaCoat Green

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